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Wednesday, August 23rd

Ny tv

LG42 (5k image)
Nu så har man varit och köpt en ny tv....
Det blev en LG 42PC3R. Jag hoppas bara
att man har gjort ett bra val. Det är ju en
Så nu får det gärna renga hela hösten...
Derange on 08.23.06 @ 05:27 PM GMT+1 [more..] [2 Comments]

New layout

Category: Site News

I had a very boring day so I change the
layout a bit of my site. I hope that you
like this one better.... I do ;)
Derange on 08.23.06 @ 01:34 PM GMT+1 [more..] [4 Comments]

Saturday, August 19th

New photos

Category: Site News

Added some photos from my US trip.
I hope that you will enjoy them.

Derange on 08.19.06 @ 02:34 PM GMT+1 [more..] [No Comments]

Friday, August 11th

New photos

Category: Site News

Added some new photos to the gallery.
I hope that you will like some of them.
Now I´m on my way to a party in Skåne.
Derange on 08.11.06 @ 11:47 AM GMT+1 [more..] [No Comments]

Thursday, August 10th

Site is up and running!

Category: Site News

The site is up and running again.
I hope that everthing is working okay.
Derange on 08.10.06 @ 10:43 PM GMT+1 [more..] [No Comments]

Thursday, August 3rd


Category: Personal

I was out today with my kite. But the
sad part was that the wind wasen´t
strong :(
Just now I want it to be windy.

Derange on 08.03.06 @ 02:32 PM GMT+1 [more..] [2 Comments]

Tuesday, August 1st

Just bought myself a kite!

Category: Personal

5813369621 (21k image)
I just bought this kite! ;)
The kite it´s a Wipika 12 m2 and the board is a
Cabrinha Prankster 150cm....
The only bad thing right now is that I have to go to work...
Derange on 08.01.06 @ 01:07 PM GMT+1 [more..] [No Comments]

Still working on the layout!

Category: Site News

I still working on the layout for the new site...
It will be up this weekend I hope ;)
Derange on 08.01.06 @ 09:31 AM GMT+1 [more..] [No Comments]