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Saturday, January 27th

Made som minor changes!

Category: Site News

IŽve just made some minor chages to the layout. The blog still looks like crap in old IE. IŽll try to fix it asap!
Derange on 01.27.07 @ 11:40 AM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]

Friday, January 26th

Have updated the pictures!

Category: Site News

IŽve finally added some new pictures in the Gallery!

Derange on 01.26.07 @ 08:14 PM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]

Tuesday, January 23rd

Just a test after update!

Category: Site News

Poff! ;)
Derange on 01.23.07 @ 08:29 PM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]

Sunday, January 21st

Some minor changes!

Category: Site News

I must start to wish you a Happy New Year!
It was quite some time ago.
IŽve made som minor changes to the site. I hope that you like em.
Derange on 01.21.07 @ 12:01 PM GMT+1 [more..] [1 Comment]