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Monday, February 19th

New Photos added

Category: Site News!

Hi all...
I´ve added some new photos!

I- Turbo(20070219)
I- Halmstad view (Sunsets), (20070219 Asorted)
I- Parties 2007 (Gentlemens Club....)

Derange on 02.19.07 @ 10:10 PM GMT+1 [link] [1 Comment]

Friday, February 9th

Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39

Category: ....

I don´t know if I shall laugh or cry. It´s a tragedy that It´s all over the news! She was just a bimbo with big boobs.... not even pretty... Well, well the tabloids will make some money now.....

Anna Rest in Peace

Derange on 02.09.07 @ 10:20 AM GMT+1 [link] [1 Comment]

Thursday, February 8th

I really like this one.....

Category: Funny clip

Derange on 02.08.07 @ 09:26 PM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]

Skit i ögat....

Category: Personal

Jag har fått skit i ögat och det stör mig. Har spolat som bara den men det vill inte försvinna. Jaja... Det försvinner väl om ett tag. Thjoff
Derange on 02.08.07 @ 05:44 PM GMT+1 [link] [1 Comment]

Wednesday, February 7th


Category: Site news!!

The blog looks okej now. But still not perfect. It´s something wrong in older IE. But I can live with it so I hope what you can do it too big grin
Derange on 02.07.07 @ 08:23 PM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]

My sisters Little place on da web!

Category: Personal

Hey, check out this site
It´s my sisters place on da net
-Derange crazy big grin
Derange on 02.07.07 @ 09:36 AM GMT+1 [link] [No Comments]