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New photos!!! - Derange on 07.23.07 @ 11:18 PM GMT+1

Hi all,
I´ve taken some new photos but they are not uploaded on my site yet.
You can find them at


!!! Plz, don´t post any comments at that url !!!


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New photos - Derange on 07.12.07 @ 06:56 AM GMT+1

Added two new photos in the kite section....

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Kite - Derange on 07.11.07 @ 05:29 PM GMT+1
Category: Personal

Hi all,
I was out kiteing yesterday and it went very well....
So now i just want go out again.
2 days left to work!!! Mmmm Me like!
Just a pic of my kite..... big grin LOL

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This is pretty cool!!! - Derange on 06.01.07 @ 05:13 PM GMT+1


It´s really fun to mess with your brain......

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Carrie Underwood!!!! - Derange on 05.30.07 @ 11:14 AM GMT+1
Category: Just great music!!!!

Just love it!!!

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Added some new pics in the gallery - Derange on 05.07.07 @ 11:20 AM GMT+1
Category: Site news

Hi all!
I´ve finally added some new pictures!
The first serie is from A party at Lotta´s (2007-04-21) . I had a really good time and it was really fun to meet my old work mates.
(Arla Reunion 2007)
The second serie is taken at my cousins house in the country, Stenlia (2007-05-07). I really like to be there 'cus it's really quiet and peaceful.

Over and out.....

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Updated the Gallery!!!! - Derange on 04.16.07 @ 07:01 AM GMT+1
Category: Site news

I´ve finally updated the gallery with some new pictures. They are taken from Estern and the "first" day at the beach. I really hope that you will enjoy them.
(Beach 2007)
(Lång Fredagen)

- Peace out

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